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Daniel is the newest guitar instructor at Wilfrid Laurier University's Faculty of Music. Daniel has experience adjudicating in festivals as well, and has continued to teach for over 12 years, from beginners to advanced students. He also has 7 years of teaching experience in university.

He has experience teaching students at all different stages of their lives, from young children to those in late adulthood. 

Daniel informs his teaching through research on the neurological processes involved in learning music, guitar pedagogy literature, and years of experience working with dozens of world-class teachers from across Europe and North America. His approach blends a scientific approach to psychology and technique, with a spiritually-informed approach to musicality and expression on the instrument.

He also offers performance coaching to musicians who wish to manage their experience of music performance anxiety, or stage fright, in preparation for stressful upcoming events, to manage symptoms of burnout, and to revive their love of music. He has given guest lectures on this topic at McGill University, the University of Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier University, Memorial University, and more, and will teach an online course on music performance anxiety this April 2022, listed here

This material will become a 12-week course at Wilfrid Laurier University in Fall 2022.

Lessons are balanced between repertoire and technique, and students are taught to read music as well as improvise on the guitar.

He can train students for university auditions, RCM exams, or simply for the sake of learning! 

phone: 613.315.1527

email: danielmramjattan@gmail.com



Daniel is one of very few Certified Royal Conservatory of Music Instructors in Guitar in the Greater Toronto Area. You can find him at the top of the RCM teacher directory at rcmusic.com.



Testimonials from Students Past and Present


Second year student in the University of Toronto Bachelor of Music Performance Program

"I remember the first time I went for a lesson with Daniel and to be honest, I wasn't expecting a lot. But afterwards, legit it was honestly the best lesson I had in my life so far. He really knows what hes doing, and hes very encouraging but at the same time honest with how you should improve your playing. I got exponentially better at guitar since I worked with him, and hes definitely the reason why I got into UofT for Performance in classical guitar. I highly recommend Daniel if you're interested in learning Classical guitar."



"Daniel has been a guitar teacher to our daughter for the past three years. He is a very thoughtful teacher who knows how to make a class more engaging for 12 years old girl. His passion for classical music and patience for teaching is fantastic. We highly recommend Daniel for beginner and advanced classical guitar students."


Former student, Stratford, ON

"I had been taking guitar for a while when Daniel took me on as a student. At that time I had stopped practicing, but Daniel showed me so much about guitar and helped me to find my love for the instument again. He is an amazing teacher!"


M. Mus Graduate, University of Ottawa

"I have known Daniel for a number of years as a guitar ensemble coach during my undergrad, and now as a colleague. His vast knowledge of music pedagogy, passion for learning, and positive personality make him a teacher I could not recommend more!"


M. Mus Graduate, University of Ottawa

"Daniel taught me for the 3rd year of my undergrad in guitar, this was years ago but there are a couple of the lessons I can remember like they were yesterday. He covered a lot in that time, my favourite was his explanations on gradients of perfection. As well he explains polyrhythms with more depth than I've ever seen anyone do before and made it possible for me not only to understand but play proficiently. Time spent studying with him will show you results and I would highly recommend Daniel as a teacher."


University of Toronto Undergraduate, 4th year

"Daniel is an energetic teacher that taught me and my duo partner the past year. I would say he definitely helped us reach an entire new level of playing. Daniel is a very experienced guitarist and knows how to explain things easily. I would definitely recommend Daniel to any other guitarists."

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